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Here at Active Fire Services, we provide complete fire safety solutions by offering fire protection systems, fire prevention solutions, equipment, as well as installation and maintenance.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, fire boosters, fire detection, fire sprinklers, fire systems and CCTV and Access Control.


Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, fire boosters, fire detection, fire sprinklers, fire systems and CCTV and Access Control.

Spares or Accessories

Fire retardant paint, fire blankets, super sounds, fire buckets, protective clothing / PPE’s, signage, cabinets, key boxes, CP valve boxes, red lam bolts, smoke detectors, emergency backup lights, fire extinguisher brackets, fire extinguisher, fire hose reels, fire hydrants and fire booster spares (if available), PVC covers and fire equipment cablinets, lay flat hoses and branches, recharging of fire extinguishers and first aid boxes.

Procedures and Registers

Evacuation plans, health and safety registers, fire registers and numbering of fire fighting equipment.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified SAQCC registered technicians offer a hands on approach ensuring you receive that professional dedication, support, service and advice you deserve, not to forget, a favorable return on your investment.


The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires every employer to provide where reasonably practicable, premises that are free of hazards and risk to any person working on or visiting their premises.
Proof of certain facts must be available in order to prove due diligence in the event of an inspector visiting your premises, or at worst a guest or employee is injured on your premises.
Should you not be able to prove due diligence, you could be liable for payment from your public liability insurer, thus costing you in terms of recovering from financial and bad publicity losses.

Our Branches For Global Learning Services and Pro-Safe Management Consulting and Auditing are based in Pietermaritzburg, Howick, Pinetown, Klerksdorp, Johannesburg and Cape Town.
We can also offer you the following:

Accredited Training

Individual performance enhancement in every sphere of training, maximizing the potential of every employee, reducing the risk of injury and damage to property.

Consulting and Auditing

Tailor made consulting services for clients requiring assistance in certain field of expertise or resolving problematic areas within the health and safety management system.

fire extinguisher servicing KZN

Discharges an agent, whether it is a jet of water, foam, gas, powder or other SABS approved materials to extinguish a fire (to extinguish a fire only use SABS approved fire extinguishers from a safe distance).

PPE equipment Pietermaritzburg


PPE refers to personal protective equipment such as clothing, helmets, goggles, respirators and boots or any other garments or equipment designed to protect specific parts of the user’s body from one or risks causing injury or infection. 

fire safety in the workplace KZN

Fire blankets are made out of glass fibre fabric, with a thin fire resistant coating. They work by stopping the airflow to the fire, starving it of Oxygen – one of the vital ingredients that fire needs in order to keep burning. The purpose of the fire blanket is to cover the full area of the fire and therefore cut off the Oxygen supply to the flames.


fire training services

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Seminar, Dangerous Goods Transportation, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Hazchem Handling

driver training courses

Driver training

Anti-Hijack Driver, Anti-Hijack, Passenger Anti-Hijack Seminar Bobcat, Defensive/Advanced Driving Skills, Dumper truck, Earth moving equipment, Front end loader, Skid control.

first aid training courses

First Aid Training

Buddy Aid, CPR, First Aid - Level One, First Aid - Level Two, First Aid - Level Three

fire fighting training courses

Fire Fighting Training

Breathing Apparatus, Fire Fighting - Level One, Fire Fighting - Level Two

training services KZN

Miscellaneous Training

Aids Awareness, Basic Slinging, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw, Grab Operator, Mine Lifting Equipment Inspection, Radio Procedures Scaffolding

AARTO training courses

AARTO Training

What is AARTO, How does AARTO work, The infringement notice, How to nominate a driver, How to pay a discounted fine, How to appeal against an infringement order

Active Fire Services

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